Use the links below to explore a range of Irish, British and European online resources for the years between 1912 and 1922. These links do not automatically imply endorsement of any content that they may contain:


Department of Arts, Heritage, and the GaeltachtDepartment of Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht

Department of Defense ArchivesAn tÓglách magazine (Defence Forces Ireland)

BBC History WebsiteBBC History

Commemoration of the First World War in Belgium 2014-18Commemoration of the First World War in Belgium 2014-18

Commonwealth War Graves CommissionCommonwealth War Graves Commission

Creative Centenaries (NI)Creative Centenaries (NI)

Decade of Centenaries: Ulster 1885-1925 (NICRC)Decade of Centenaries: Ulster 1885-1925 (NICRC)

Great Famine VoicesGreat Famine Voices


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